New generation of multifunctional equipment carriers

Whether 1 or 2-man cabin - with the sprung axles, this generation of equipment carriers offers a completely new ride comfort up to a top speed of 40 km / h, as previously known only from larger vehicles. By absorbing vibrations and shocks, the driver and the vehicle are spared. In addition, the driver benefits from the comfortable cabin mounted on silent blocks during long working intervals.

The total height of the multi-function implement carrier can be varied on customer request in the variant with 1-man cabin thanks to the flexible Holder mounting system. With small wheels and a flat roof a vehicle height of just under two meters is reached, so that the vehicle can also drive through underpasses and can be used in underground garages for cleaning tasks. With a higher positioning of the cabin structure also the mounting of wheels with a larger diameter is possible, which has a positive effect on traction, ground clearance and gradeability.


The multifunctional municipal transporter MUVO

With the MUVO, Holder relies on a high-quality vehicle system that has proven its efficiency in municipal all-year-round operation. True multi-functionality, compact dimensions, a small turning circle, high working and operating comfort, the MUVO combines sophisticated technical solutions. RASCO also supplies the Holder MUVO with a wide range of robust and innovative standard implements for year-round use.

The Holder MUVO and its attachments range are consistently designed for year-round use. Winter service technology specially adapted to the vehicle, consisting of semi-trailer spreader, snow blade, Vario snow plow and front sweeper, allows use in winter. For the particularly gentle, but nevertheless powerful cleaning of paths and squares, there are two different sward bars with water tank in the device program in addition to the SX2 sweeping machine. For the green care a specially adapted Auslegemäher is present. Other special features include a waste collection container and a skip loader as attachments for the Holder MUVO.

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